Brian Lewis

Front-End Web Developer


Brian Lewis is a front-end web developer with a knack for user experience and user interaction.  He has been in the industry for nearly ten years and is always doing everything in his power to keep up with its' latest standards and trends.  He has coffee in his blood-stream.  He also doesn't like to use the third-person perspective, so from now on, it will be in first-person.

I am located in Oklahoma as of 2019. I am currently training myself to become a game designer and/or developer, as video games are a lifelong passion of mine and I feel that I can contribute to the industry.  My other hobbies include music, reading fantasy & sci-fi novels and traveling.


  • Strength: 7

  • Dexterity: 5

  • Constitution: 6

  • Intelligence: 7

  • Wisdom: 8

  • Charisma: 6

I have no basis nor maximum values for these stats, sorry, they are arbitrary.

Unimportant Info

I always choose Luigi in Mario Kart.  I prefer Pikachu in Super Smash Bros.  My console of choice will always be the Super Nintendo. I am a hobbyist game developer with dreams of making classic 2D style games in the future. I'm a lover of all things 90s - movies, music, TV shows, cartoons.


Slightly more important than the unimportant info above, here are my sporting fandoms:

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles
NHL: Philadelphia Flyers
MLB: Philadelphia Phillies

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